Violinist Moonkyung Lee Records Album of Works by Living Composers, Including PARMA Artists!

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Acclaimed Korean violinist Moonkyung Lee recently completed recording her second album while visiting the states back in November.

Lee’s first solo album TCHAIKOVSKY, which released on Navona Records earlier this year, was recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra last summer. The album was wildly successful in streaming after becoming the first PARMA release to be picked up on Spotify’s “Classical New Releases” playlist, which is followed by more than 200K listeners. In just a few days after its release, the solo album of repertoire garnered more than 20K streams. Now, nearly a year later, the album is well over 100K streams.

It wasn’t just in the streaming world that the album was successful, it also received copious reviews and features, including in Gramophone Magazine, Strad and Classic FM

When exploring project ideas for this next release, Lee’s A&R Representative Marina Altschiller suggested straying from the repertoire and delving into work by living composers. Repertoire can only be recorded so many times. There’s no doubt that Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, etc., are great. What the world doesn’t know is how many great composers we have walking our streets currently.

On her next album, releasing in 2018, Moonkyung Lee recorded work by living composers, including three from PARMA artists: “Blue Piece” by Libby Larsen, “Grand Tarantella” by Judith Lang Zaimont, and “Jilted Tango” by Rain Worthington, who happened to be present during the session.

In a reflection of this exciting upcoming release, we caught up with Marina to get her thoughts on the album and the importance of recording and performing living composer work. Here’s what she had to say…

“One of the best parts about the contemporary classical genre is the community that surrounds the creation and development of new music. When performers like Moonkyung act as champions for living composers, that community is strengthened through the shared experience of bringing new works to life.” – Marina Altschiller, PARMA A&R Representative for Moonkyung Lee

Although all of our recording sessions are thrilling and special, this recent recording session had a unique hint of excitement because our Social Media Specialist, Samantha Granville (person writing this) was on site doing a crossover promotional project with the University of New Hampshire Alumni Association.

Both CEO Bob Lord and Samantha are English major alumni from UNH and were asked to host an “Instagram Takeover” for a day to talk about PARMA and daily ongoings. Given that Bob was recording music in Cuba, he was unable to join the takeover but we were still able to have a successful and fun event. The day included live updates from the recording session, plus some behind the scenes at past sessions and life at PARMA. Take a look:

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When I had my interview with @parma_recordings, I stood out from other applicants applying for the position because of my experience with writing, social media and brand marketing… experiences I had because of UNH. The UNH English Department partners with @unhcaps to help undergraduates find internships, which I took full advantage of during my years. I was able to get an internship with inspiring local #writer and #selfpublished #author @nancyshappell. While working with Nancy, I learned valuable skills in creating a marketing plan from scratch and got to play around with tools such as @mailchimp and @hootsuite, which were selling points for PARMA. Without that internship placement or the help and support of UNH, I would be out of a job. As mentioned in my prior post, I started the undergraduate student-run genre #fiction journal, Scriptor, which is now established as a journal at Keene State. The English department, COLA, faculty, and UNH fully supported me when I sought out to create a new opportunity for students to share their #stories. Founding Scriptor was a highlight of my career at UNH. Scriptor allowed me to discover what it was like to manage a team and promote a brand and a product–skills I now use and practice every day. My work with PARMA allows me to travel to recording sessions across the country (and hopefully overseas in the new year), work with incredible artists, such as and @annapianistka, and go behind scenes for events like 'Writers on a New England Stage" with @authordanbrown. Pictured above are just a few of my favorite experiences thus far with PARMA, including one from our annual Arcade Day where I totally won the most tickets.

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Throughout our live updates via Instagram Story, we engaged with over 300 viewers on each post. In today’s world, social engagement is the leading factor for successful artists and albums because the world is digital. We were more than happy to cross-promote our story with that of the university and creative community.

Be on the lookout for updates in the new year from Moonkyung Lee and PARMA for project updates. Our audio team is already working on mastering…and we don’t want to give anything away, but from what we hear, it sounds great!


By Samantha Granville, Social Media Specialist


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