UPDATE: Andy’s Piano Quest

Andy’s received some great responses so far, but the quest continues! Click “Read more” to view the responses we’ve collected so far, and comment on this post to tell us: Where is the world’s greatest piano?

Andy Happel is on a quest to find the greatest sounding piano in the world, and he needs your help. Where are the greatest pianos in the world? Send Andy photos, recordings, and descriptions to help him out.

You can reach Andy through Tweets, Facebook comments, or comments on this post:

Violinist Darol Anger
“Anything that Philip Aaberg plays…”

Composer/Pianist Robert DeGaetano
“It’s a concert D from the artist department at the basement of Steinway and Sons. The number is CD26. I will never forget it. The richness and beauty of sound was astounding.”


“Best piano? Wilton library Connecticut. Brubeck room. It’s Dave Brubeck’s piano. Check it out.  I played Chopin’s E major prelude on it and LAUGHED when I heard the low end. Crystal clear, serious punch.”

Composer Sarah Wallin Huff
Comment below

Kirah Brouilette
“The best one I ever heard played was at The Vatican in Rome…big surprise!”

Bennet Shapiro
“There was a 9-foot Steinway that I got to mic up a few years ago when I was doing sound for Roy Haynes that belonged to some rental company in southern VT… that was the best piano I’ve had the pleasure of working with…”

One thought on “UPDATE: Andy’s Piano Quest

  1. Hi Andy! Oh boy, I know what you mean…. But I'm usually on the other end of things–playing my fiddle with a piano I wish I could better mesh with, haha! Tell you what, I recently tickled the ivories of a piano at the college I teach at, and I really loved the sound and feel of it. Let me record a little something from it on my iPhone when I'm there this Thursday, and I'll let you hear it… 🙂
    In the meantime, though… Here's a little something-something to tide you over (warning: when you hear this, think Grandma's old hundred year old piano that a little kid enjoys tinkering on as she grows and experiments….)

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