Trends In Album Design

Through the years album design techniques and methods have changed dramatically. Gone are the days of manually setting type and pasting up graphics—with computers and advanced software, we can now push album art to the limits of the designer’s imagination. Most recently, another factor has created a shift in album art design: digital music sales on the internet. We must now consider how the art will look as a small thumbnail image seen in a digital store front, and the result is simpler, bolder designs that read well at this size.

As PARMA prepares for the digital music era we employ many of these techniques in our album design. Releases such as Osias Wilenski’s LA LEYENDA DEL KAKUY and James Adler’s JAMES ADLER & FRIENDS are two examples of this style. Bold imagery and large type help these titles stand out in the digital marketplace.

I came across an article about this very subject in the NY Times. Though the focus is on pop music, the ideas and principals apply to any label releasing music into digital marketplaces. Enjoy!

Record Sales Shrink So Does Album Art?

Brett Picknell
Art Director, PARMA Recordings LLC

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