Total Classical Eclipse

On February 29th, 1979, the last total solar eclipse took over the news and mobilized people to travel from all over the world and cross country to get the perfect view. 38 years later, the past is repeating itself. Walter Cronkite‘s iconic coverage of the clip is getting played over and over again, NASA is posting about safe ways to look at the sun, and people are clogging up hotels, getting married, and skipping work to see the next total solar eclipse…when day turns to night for a brief moment in time.

If you’re one of the lucky ones traveling in the eclipse path to see the moon rotate in front of the sun, or if you’re planning on taking a longer lunch, or if you’re stuck in the office behind a screen, we have a playlist for you.

We went through our catalog and picked some of our moon and sun favorites to perfectly capture the moment. Just picture it, you’re experiencing a historical solar event, looking up into the sky (wearing protected glasses, of course), and what’s that playing in the background? Sergio Cervetti’s “Sunset at Noon,” Michael Kurek’sMoon Canticle,” Edie Hill’s “The Fenix“, and so much more.

Mark your history with the best Classical Eclipse soundtrack.


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