#ThrowbackThursday: PARMA Takes on Dr. Strange


Here at PARMA we work hard to make sure we are promoting our artists in the best way possible, and that we are making music that sounds terrific.

However, we are not all superheroes, and running 110% all the time is tiring.

We like to think that we deserve a break every once in a while to have some fun and relax our powers. And why not do it on November 4th, National Stress Awareness Day, you know, when we are supposed to step back and assess the stress in our lives and address it?

Last Friday the PARMA team took the afternoon off to go see the newest Marvel movie that has been receiving rave reviews, Dr. Strange! PARMA set up camp at the IMAX in Newington, put our feet up, because yes, they were the reclining seats, and slid on our trusty 3D glasses.

Dr. Strange, which is played by the English heartthrob, Benedict Cumberbatch, is about how Dr. Stephen Strange’s life changes after he gets into a car accident that nearly killed him but took away his star-studded career as a neurosurgeon. Strange seeks help from an enclave where he finds hope and healing through sorcery. Strange is then caught between two lives and deciding which one to leave behind. 

Now, without giving anything away, we will tell you that we were so engrossed in the movie that we couldn’t eat our popcorn! When you get a chance, take a break from your normal superhero duties and let Hollywood do the work! Happy Thursday! 


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