The PARMA Cat Series: Czech out this Tabby

Just sitting regally on a stoop in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

This here Tabby featured above was originally spotted by PARMA CEO, Bob Lord, while he was hanging around the Castle in Prague along the Vltava River, following a recording session one evening a year back.

Bob recalls, “I think it was eyeing the same [beverage] I was” (not seen on camera). Bob drank his beverage after a rewarding day of making music and enjoying the company of his new orange friend.

Time has gone by since seeing his pawed-pal but Bob boarded a plane early this morning, flying off to the Czech Republic for another recording session with the acclaimed Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, so maybe he will run into his pawed-pal this week to share another beverage.

We’re starting off the session on Monday by recording the orchestral works of Dwight Beckham. Tuesday we’re recording a piece for Wind Ensemble and solo Flute by Paul Osterfield, which features PARMA artist Lindsey Goodman, who has had a lot of fun recording pieces for her upcoming album.

Also on Tuesday, we’re recording a chamber piece by Hayes Biggs and a work for strings by Jan Järvlepp. And finishing off the week, we’re transitioning from chamber to piano with “Works for Piano” by David Maki on Wednesday.

Stay tuned for updates on the session and future PARMA cat adventures. We promise there will be plenty more, so no meowing about it!

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