The PARMA Cat Series: Czech out this Cat

Seen Stuffed to the Brim in Panama

Hello PARMA family!

The return of the PARMA Cat Series blog is finally here! We decided that we will post a cat blog on the first Friday of every month. So cheers to the first official Cat Series post!

While everyone was filling up on turkey and falling asleep during the football game, just like this plump kitty seen above, one of our A&R representatives, Brandon MacNeil (AKA the master of cat GIF’s), had the opportunity to travel to the Czech Republic for the John Carollo,  Carl Vollrath, and Dan Crozier recording sessions with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra over the holiday!

The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra is our Czech Republic connection and one of our many ensembles for recording our artist’s. They are featured on albums such as THREE PASTELS, MISERY, THREE CENTURY SUITESCHUMANN | DVOŘÁK, and on much more. 

On every trip to the  Czech Republic for recordings, we have come across this furry fellow featured below, always greeting us on our travel.


This time around, however, even though Brandon was in the Czech Republic for almost five days, in and out of recording projects, our furry friend did not pop up. We hope that he was curled up on the lap of its human or staying warm by the fireplace while chestnuts were roasting. We’re sure that we will meet again soon–we will have our eyes peeled!

Want to know more about the Czech recording session? Stay tuned for a post from Brandon in the upcoming days with a recap on his travel experience.

In the meantime, here’s a PARMA and Moravian playlist to help you get by!

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