The PARMA Cat Series: #catsofcroatia

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It has been a busy year so far for PARMA. Not only have we already had three successful months of releases (April releases coming soon),  two albums had featured works in the “Classical New Releases” playlist curated by Spotify, reaching over 160k listeners; we’ve also traveled the world and back again.

We began the year in Cuba, for our third recording session, this time with Apollo Chamber Players, John A. Carollo, J.A. Kawarsky, Mona Lyn Reese, and Meira Warshauer. Following Cuba, we were in the Czech Republic with Dwight Beckham, Hayes Biggs, Jan Järvlepp, and Paul Osterfield, which featured a flute solo recorded in Boston by the talented Lindsey Goodman.

Speaking of Boston, we’ve been in Beantown a few times this year. From late February into early March, we completed the first two PARMA sessions with GRAMMY-winning producer Brad Michel for recordings with Jonathan Little and Dennis Kam. Last week we were back again to pay a visit to composer Joseph Summer, founder of The Shakespeare Concert Series.

Our most recent abroad extravaganza brought us to Croatia where this orange furball, featured below, was spotted looking high and mighty on this roof, keeping an eye on on-lookers. We traveled to the beautiful capital city of Zagreb for a visit with Miran Vaupotić, the featured conductor on Moonkyung Lee‘s Global Music Awards silver medal-winning album TCHAIKOVSKY, which was performed with the London Symphony Orchestra.

The year is young and we have plenty more travels and recordings ahead, and with that, also many purrty cats ahead. Stay updated with all of our shenanigans by visiting our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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