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Hello PARMA family!

Happy National Cat Day! Do you have a furry loved one you will be celebrating with today? Here at PARMA we have a huge appreciation for cats. Granted, there are a few of us around the office that are not as big of fans of the friendly felines as some of us, but there’s no doubt that we have an almost odd obsession with cats at times.

As part of the work here at PARMA. A lot of us are traveling to all corners of the world for recording sessions, attending conferences, and meeting new composers to bring into our growing PARMA family.

On these trips there are cats. Cats everywhere! We have made friends with some of the most beautiful cats in places like Russia, where this green-eyed chunky fluff was found; cats in Cuba, and in many other amazing session locations around the world.

We want to try something a litter different here at PARMA. This is the first blog in our new PARMA Cat Series where we are going to share stories of the cats that follow PARMA, whether it’s in the office, in the community, or at sessions overseas. We’re combining our love for cats and our work to make terrific music, in order to let you in on what’s happening at home and abroad in a more creative way. What to you think? We think it sounds purrrrfect.

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