The Annual PARMA Pumpkin Decorating Contest!

Happy Halloween! We have an annual tradition here at PARMA that goes down every Halloween season: The Annual PARMA Pumpkin Decorating Contest. The rules of this competition are that each employee is allowed ONE pumpkin to decorate. The pumpkins, which are purchased from Scamman Farm in Stratham, NH, and are small sugar pumpkins that can be decorated in any way or form in which the crafter feels.

Over the years this competition has brought out the most creative designs in staffers, such as tracing the injury imprint of a pumpkin after it fell off of a truck, which just happened to look like a creepy face. Another staffer even brutally gutted the sugar pumpkin to make it into a pie. The ideas never fail to be different from one another, be surprising and be strange.

However, this contest is not just glitter glue, plastic spiders, and eyeball stickers where everybody wins. There are losers. For some pumpkin crafters, this competition is a war between the best of the best. Just take a look at last year’s “Best in Show” pumpkin by PARMA Graphic Designer, Emily Roulo….

Which one looks like a winner?

Spooky, right? This year we have a few new participants in the annual competition, making the event even more brutal. In the picture to the left, Scott and Brett are testing the pumpkins weight and stamina for the decor intensity that they are going to endure.

We have several categories for winner consideration in order to make sure that the playing field is fair for all pumpkins. Yes, there are still losers, but we also have a lot of winners to showcase the many different personalities.

After hours of pondering and submitting votes early this morning, anonymously, here are this years’ contestants for the Annual PARMA Decorating Competition and the winners!

Order from left to right: Brett, TE, Chris, Scott, John, Brandon, Samantha and Emily
Funniest Pumpkin- John Higgins
Scariest Pumpkin- Emily Roulo
Most Bizarre Pumpkin- Samantha Granville, Scott Murphy
Most Colorful Pumpkin- Scott Murphy
Best Dressed Pumpkin- Chris Robinson
Most Original Pumpkin- Brandon MacNeil
Best Use of Provided Materials- Chris Robinson
Best Effort/Nice Try Award- Bob Lord (TE “The Elder”)
Best in Show-Samantha Granville 

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