The PARMA Album of the Day: SENSATIONS

Australian composer, music educator, and pianist Margaret Brandman presents her debut Navona Records release SENSATIONS, featuring several of her celebrated compositions, each one presenting a unique musical experience and sensation. Kathodik says "The music of Margaret Brandan is a continuous celebration of life, of nature, and hope for a better future." Find SENSATIONS on Amazon, iTunes,... Continue Reading →

The PARMA Album of the Day: PIANO CONCERTO

American Prize-winning composer Lee Actor's most recent release on Navona Records PIANO CONCERTO, presents three orchestral works, performed by conductor Kirk Trevor and the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, that are engaging and tonal yet dramatic and modern. Kathodik says, "Lee Actor, born in 1952, was torn between career electronic and that of musician engineer, before turning... Continue Reading →

The PARMA Album of the Day: ALBERT’S WINDOW

From Stravinsky-esque rhythms and impressionistic harmonies to Xerox® machine-inspired gestures, Eight Strings & a Whistle – comprised of flutist Suzanne Gilchrest, violist Ina Litera, and cellist Matthew Goeke – present a diverse selection of contemporary and 20th-century works that highlight the ensemble’s blend of technical prowess and emotive interpretation on their debut Ravello Records release... Continue Reading →

The PARMA Album of the Day: HONEYLAND

Aidan Andrew Dun released his debut album HONEYLAND on Ravello Records in October of last year. The album, which features spoken poetry and keyboard accompaniment from his wife Lucie Rejchrtová,  has roots in a number of Western musical and literary practices. The album specifically recalls the writings of James Joyce, and his interest in reciting poems to... Continue Reading →


On Sarah Wallin Huff's debut Navona Records album SOUL OF THE MACHINE, she explores the relationships between mechanical structures, organic beauty, and identity. Kathodik says the album's "balance functions to perfection, by virtue of the unfolding of touching melodic passages that are at the same time regulated by structural mesh post-minimalist flavor, outlining the restless... Continue Reading →

The PARMA Album of the Day: CONFABULARIO

Miguel Chuaqui, a Chilean-American composer, released his debut solo album CONFABULARIO on Ravello Records in August of 2016. These beautifully crafted works for small chamber and solo instruments present a wide range of interrelated musical materials arrayed into artfully crafted forms. Kathodik says "[Thank you to] the remarkable quality of the performers, the [album] proposed... Continue Reading →


Composer and conductor Jeffrey Jacob, recently featured on  INTERSECTIONS, the second album release on Ansonica Records, released his debut PARMA album DARKNESS TO LIGHT on Navona Records in October of 2014. Featuring London Symphony Orchestra and New England String Quartet, this album depicts the experiences of struggle and pain, and of triumph and joy that Jacob has... Continue Reading →

The PARMA Album of the Day: VOYAGE

Pierre Schroeder released his debut PARMA album VOYAGE in June of 2015 on Navona Records. The album presents a captivating sonic journey that takes listeners on winding highways, through arid and spacious deserts, along with the shores of crashing waves, into desolate and snow-covered lands, through episodes of adventures, mishaps, discoveries, and losses. Kathodik classical... Continue Reading →

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