The PARMA Album of the Day: FRED BROER

Composer, author, and educator Fred Broer presents his String Quartet No. 8, which is performed masterfully by the New England String Quartet, as well as four colorful piano works, on his Navona Records release FRED BROER: MUSIC FOR STRING QUARTET AND PIANO SOLO. Babsue Reviews describes the album as "Intelligent and sometimes perplexing twenty-first-century classical compositions." You can... Continue Reading →

The PARMA Album of the Day: THREE PASTELS

Long-time PARMA artist, Carl Vollrath, featured on solo albums PAST COLLECTIONS and LINGERING LONGINGS, and appearing on TEXTURES, released his most recent album THREE PASTELS on Navona Records in May of last year. In this album, Vollrath presents his three piano concerti, which connect to each other thematically and in a way, portray a different hue... Continue Reading →

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