The Inside Story: Jeffrey Jacob

Long-time PARMA artist pianist and composer,  Jeffery Jacob,  has had his works performed worldwide by several high-profile ensembles, including Raymond Leppard and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and most recently by the Cuban National Symphony. Today, Jacob is our next featured artist for "The Inside Story," a blog series exploring the inner workings and personalites of our artists.... Continue Reading →

Preview of April 2017 PARMA Releases

Happy Spring! The snow is melting, the trees are budding, and we are prepping for another round of releases featuring new ensembles and artists, compilations, and re-releases.  Take a deep breath and try to relax because we have some big releases coming your way. DRESS CODE | Altius Quartet A bold treat of fresh arrangements of... Continue Reading →


Composer and conductor Jeffrey Jacob, recently featured on  INTERSECTIONS, the second album release on Ansonica Records, released his debut PARMA album DARKNESS TO LIGHT on Navona Records in October of 2014. Featuring London Symphony Orchestra and New England String Quartet, this album depicts the experiences of struggle and pain, and of triumph and joy that Jacob has... Continue Reading →

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