3 PARMA Albums Earn Silver Medals in The Global Music Awards!

PARMA is extremely excited to announce that Matej Meštrović's 4 SEASONS FOR 3 PIANOS, Christopher Nichols' ELEGIA, and Carmine Miranda and Boris Abramov's upcoming November release MOZART/BEETHOVEN, have all received Silver Medals in The Global Music Awards for "Outstanding Achievement." The Global Music Awards is, as they say, "music's golden seal of approval." GMA reviews music ranging from world,... Continue Reading →

The Inside Story: Demetrius Spaneas

Demetrius Spaneas a composer, musician, and musical ambassador,  has earned awards from ASCAP, Meet the Composer, the American Music Center, U.S. State Department, and Russian Senate. Today, with the re-release of FROM A FAR-OFF WORLD, Demetrius is our next featured artist in "The Inside Story," a blog series exploring the inner workings and personalities of... Continue Reading →

The PARMA Album of the Day: RESOLVE

RESOLVE, the latest release on Navona Records from two-time Grammy® Award-winning clarinetist Richard Stoltzman showcases three clarinet-focused works composed by Paul Hindemith, two of which are premiere recordings for Stoltzman. The Whole Note says, "One has to thank Richard Stoltzman, dean of the clarinet in North America, for this latest addition to a long list of... Continue Reading →

The PARMA Album of the Day: SEA OF REEDS

Composer Gerald Cohen released his debut PARMA album SEA OF REEDS in November of 2014. The album, with its dramatic and lyrical compositions, explores the clarinet's colorful personality with his particular blend of classical, Jewish, and jazz influences. Sequenza21 says, "Most listeners will find something to like here, and more than a few clarinetists will... Continue Reading →


LINGERING LONGINGS is Carl Vollrath's second volume in his clarinet and piano pairing works. Released on Navona Records a year after the first volume, PAST RECOLLECTIONS, volume two continues to celebrate past events through musical narratives, tenderly and radiantly performed by clarinetist Michael Norsworthy and pianist Yoko Hagino. Sonograma says "The authority Norsworthy and Hagino [have musically], based... Continue Reading →


Long-time PARMA artist Carl Vollrath released the first volume PAST RECOLLECTIONS of his clarinet and piano pairings, featuring Michael Norsworthy on the clarinet and Yoko Hagino on the piano, in February of 2015 on Navona Records. Volume 2, LINGERING LONGINGS was released in January of last year, also on Navona Records. American Record Guide says "Carl... Continue Reading →

The Inside Story: Sergio Cervetti

Long-time PARMA artist Sergio Cervetti, seen on TRANSITS, UNBRIDLED, WIND DEVIL & CO., KEYBOARD3, and NAZCA AND OTHER WORKS, is today's featured artist for 'The Inside Story,' a blog series exploring what makes our artists tick. Read on and get to know him!   What was your most unusual performance or the most embarrassing thing that... Continue Reading →

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