September 2018 Album Reviews

Each month, PARMA has the great pleasure of not only releasing powerful works by our artists, but also seeing the positive impact that these works have on listeners. Read on to hear what sources from Gramophone Magazine to Jazz da Gama had to say about our latest releases... "The performances, with the composer as pianist... Continue Reading →


Ferdinando de Sena released his debut PARMA album SPALDING'S BOUNCE on Navona Records in August of last year. This album presents a selection of chamber works offering a mixture of musical elements,  drawing on all his diverse musical influences including jazz, popular, and classical avant-garde. Cinemusical says "Navona records continues its excellent survey of the... Continue Reading →

The PARMA Album of the Day: SPLASH OF INDIGO

Long-time PARMA artist, Marty Regan, released his Navona Records album SPLASH OF INDIGO in November of last year. While normally specializing in composition for Japanese instruments, SPLASH OF INDIGO features a complementary side of Regan’s output, containing only works for Western orchestral instruments and voice. Composer Steven A. Kennedy of Cinemusical says "Out of many of... Continue Reading →

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