The Inside Story: Joel Mandelbaum

Today's 'Inside Story' feature is debut PARMA artist, Joel Mandelbaum, composer, and educator, best known for his use of microtonal tuning. Enjoy! Who was your first favorite artist(s) growing up? The Greenwich Village Gilbert and Sullivan Players and Danny Kaye.  Later, Toscanini and Bruno Walter.  Around 1950, ten years before his vogue began, I became... Continue Reading →

The Inside Story: Scott Perkins

We’re starting a new series here at PARMA, entitled “The Inside Story”.  The series is aimed at obtaining a glimpse of the lives and personalities of the masterminds behind your favorite and upcoming albums. Each “story” will stem from a selected artist’s responses to their choice of 4-8 questions developed by our PARMA Marketing Team. ... Continue Reading →

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