Studio Update: Eight Strings & a Whistle

Ina Litera, Matt Goeke, Suzanne Gilchrest

Following their performance last month at the Queens New Music Festival, Eight Strings & a Whistle went into the Peter Karl Studios in Brooklyn, NY to begin recording the music for what will turn into their debut with PARMA Recordings. The trio’s repertoire features a unique combination of works from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern periods, as well as pieces composed expressly for them.

Eight Strings & a Whistle are cellist Matt Goeke, violist Ina Litera, and flutist Suzanne Gilchrest, having first met as members of the Galatea Ensemble based in New York. In 1998 the trio was formed and they have been very active since their founding, including winning the Artists International Special Presentation Award, giving their critically acclaimed New York debut at Merkin Concert Hall in May, 2003, and more recently, performing on TULPE, a recording of music by Sarah Davol and GRAMMY-nominated artist Dawn Avery, released on Okenti Records in January, 2008.

Below are some photos from their recent session with engineer Peter Karl and producer John Frisch. The trio will be back in the studio on July 10th. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Eight Strings & a Whistle.

Peter Karl, Suzanne Gilchrest, Matt Goeke, Ina Litera, and John Frisch
Suzanne, John and Matt

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