Studio Update: Arthur Gottschalk’s "Requiem for the Living"

We are very excited to announce that earlier this month we returned from several days in St. Petersburg, Russia with composer and PARMA artist Arthur Gottschalk recording his piece titled “Requiem for the Living” with the St. Petersburg State Symphony and St. Petersburg Voices. This piece is a large-scale requiem that draws upon myriad American musical traditions

Vice President of A&R Sam Renshaw and CEO Bob Lord spent a week with Arthur and his wife Shelley Johnson in the beautiful and historic St. Petersburg (once called “the Venice of the North”). With over 45 minutes of music, there is still more to be done! We will be continuing to work on this requiem in subsequent sessions including full chorus and vocal soloists. The project is scheduled to be released in 2015 on Navona Records:

(Left to Right): VP of A&R Sam Renshaw,
Arthur Gottschalk, and CEO Bob Lord

Dr. Arthur Gottschalk is an award-winning composer and Professor of Music Composition and Theory at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music. Gottschalk attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, receiving a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Composition, a Master of Arts degree in Music Composition and English Literature, and his Doctorate in Music Composition. He has been awarded several prestigious awards including the Bogliasco Fellowship for further work in Italy as well as the Charles Ives Prize of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. His works can be found on several releases including MOTO PERPETUO: MOVING WORKS FOR CELLO, released on Navona Records in March of last year:

Below are some additional photos from the recording sessions. We’re excited to continue our work on this ambitious project!

(Left to Right): Arthur Gottschalk, Shelley Johnson, and Sam Renshaw

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  1. Dr. Gottschalks family is very proud of him and all his amazing accomplishments! His music is a wonderful achievement and we are looking forward to the release of this latest masterpiece. This is why he is referred to in some circles as “THE MAESTRO”!

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