Society of Composers, Inc. 2013 National Conference

Guest Post by PARMA Intern Alycia B.

Every year a university somewhere in the US gets to host one of the largest
gatherings of composers for the annual Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI)
National Conference. This year, Ohio State University held the privilege.
Over this past weekend, PARMA CEO, Bob Lord, and A&R Director, Sam Renshaw,
attended this notable conference.

Click “Read more” to find out more about this year’s SCI National Conference.

SCI is an organization that supports American composers. It helps its over 1200 members find various performance and recording opportunities in the ever-expanding music industry. It also hosts a number of conferences throughout the year and across the nation.

This year’s National Conference was hosted by the composer, author and now former SCI president, Dr. Thomas Wells. Dr. Wells was president of SCI from 2002 up until this past conference where former Vice-President James Paul Sain took over Dr. Wells’ position.

From left to right: James Paul Sain, Thomas Wells, and Gerald Warfield

Attractions at this year’s conference were plentiful with over ten concerts, four informational panels, and a reception each evening all jam-packed into one weekend. Among all of the amazing performances, PARMA was honored to have four of its artists’ compositions selected to be played: Art Gottschalk’s “Fakebooks,” Richard Brooks’s “Circular Motions,” Kyong Mee Choi’s “To Unformed,” and Joel Love’s “Aurora Borealis.” Other performances that stood out from the crowd were “Structural Coupling” by Curtis Nathaniel Smith, “Appalasia” by Mark Phillips, and “Protagonist” by Daniel Adams.

Above, Mei-Fang Lin’s piece, Mistress of the Labyrinth, is performed on Saturday morning. 

PARMA was pleased to be in attendance for this conference. CEO Bob Lord had the opportunity to present ideas at the General Business Meeting on Saturday about the SCI/PARMA series of releases. Previous talks concerning these releases have given rise to excellent collaborations including the upcoming album NOVA, which is scheduled for release in June.

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