Six Reasons to Follow “Classical Hear and Now” on Spotify

To best showcase our music, we created a rotating playlist on Spotify called “Classical Hear and Now.” Updated on our release day every month (second Friday), we add new music to make sure YOU, the listener, is always up to date with what’s happening in the classical scene.

Below are six reasons why you should be following “Classical Hear and Now”…

1. We will boost your album and your artist profile.

If you’re a recording artist, whether with us, self-released, or through another label, as long as your album is distributed, Spotify will make you an artist profile to feature your album.

What’s an artist profile? An artist profile contains every release, feature, and your monthly listening metrics, which can be seen publically. Listeners can follow this account to keep up with your music.

Just to clarify, your artist profile is different than having a personal listening channel because you don’t have access to the profile unless you are verified.

What does it mean to be verified you ask? Good question. Verification through Spotify means not only do you get that fancy blue check, but you also have access to updating the graphics, inserting a bio, adding concert dates, sharing public playlists that point to your releases, and, like mentioned above, access to listening metrics but more in depth. These metrics can help you create targeted campaigns and plan tours.

So, when your album releases with us, we will follow you and can guarantee you that your album will be promoted for at least three months on this playlist. Being featured on our “Classical Hear and Now” playlist will not only boost your album but also boosts your followers.

Speaking of which, you can follow us in return here:

*Want to know how you can add this button to your own blog and website? Click here. Want to know how to get yourself verified? Click here.

2. Always know what’s new on our labels and in the classical music world.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of reproduced repertoire work out there, which is all well and good. In fact, we have many released albums that feature incredible repertoire from artists like Moonkyung Lee, Beth Levin, and Carmine Miranda, which have all done well and have racked up over a million streams on Spotify. However, repertoire from Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Shostakovich, etc., shouldn’t be the only composers and music that comes to mind when looking up “classical” in that Spotify search bar.

One of PARMA’s main goals, which is presented in our mission, is to record, produce, and promote music by living composers. We want to move names like Libby Larsen, Rain Worthington, Michael Kurek, Gregory W. Brown and Sergio Cervetti, everyone in our catalog, really, to the forefront of classical music to become the next “repertoire” names in generations to come.

3. Support other artists.

We have released over 500 albums in our lifetime (we will be 10 years old in May of 2018!), with over 1,000 artists across all four of our labels Navona, Ravello, Big Round, and Ansonica Records. Assuming that each artist that releases from our labels follows PARMA as well as our “Classical Hear and Now” playlist, AND listens regularly, whether it’s playing while you’re driving, in the background while you’re making dinner, or while you work, you could garner over 1,000 streams to your album.

Not only are you building streams for yourself and other artists, you are also supporting other living composers and artists. If that point doesn’t convince you,  think about it this way, wouldn’t you want other artists to be listening and supporting you?

4. Increase your listeners.

Building on the point above, having over 1,000 streams on your album hints to Spotify to start tracking your streams publically, which puts you and your album on their radar. Your album will be placed next to similar albums for suggested listening on other profiles.

The more monthly listeners and followers you have, the more likely you’ll gain organic listeners.

5. Get noticed by other playlists. 

One of the biggest playlists you and your album can get on is Spotify’s “Classical New Releases” playlist, which has over 200,000 followers. This is a huge advantage for a classical artist. Almost every month PARMA has an artist featured on this playlist. Each album featured has gained 20k minimum…it’s usually 50-100k. Other playlists include the big-gun profiles like verified repertoire artist profiles. But again, we want to be on living composer playlists as well!

Going back to that whole “verified artist” mumbo jumbo, having that blue check doesn’t just give you access to the insides of the profile, it’s also a nod from Spotify that you are a legit artist, which means you’re more likely to be picked up by a playlist.

Don’t believe us? Spotify wrote about it as well as sonicbids, and DIY Musician, among many others.

6. Streaming is 50% of the music industry’s revenue. 

Let’s repeat that again. 50% of the entire music industries revenue…that means pop, rock, rap, indie, folk, whatever, pays their bills with online streaming royalties. It is no secret that how people buy and listen to music is changing, much to the unpopular fact. Don’t believe us? Stay updated with the IFPI report.

The reason streaming does so well and is continuously growing is because it’s convenient. You can bring your music anywhere if you have a smartphone and it’s essentially free if you’re willing to listen to ads.

This is the most important reason you should follow us and “Classical Hear and Now”, we’re trying to jumpstart your follows and listeners for the future. Physical copies and digital downloads might still be selling right now, but come a few years down the line, we can’t say the same.

So, if we build our followers on this rotating playlist, getting streams will be easy, you’d be supporting your fellow artists (and let’s be honest, we all need support), and you’ll be helping place yourself and your album(s) higher in the listening world.

Now go on, press that follow button! Stay tuned for more playlist updates…we can promise there will be more.


By Samantha Granville, Social Media Specialist

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