September 2012 Release Day

We are proud to announce the release of our September 2012 albums on Navona and Ravello! LOCK & KEY, LA LEYENDA DEL KAKUY, QUADRANTS, EXPLORING THE HEART, and THROUGH THE REEDS are now available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and many others. Click “Read More” for more information on each release.

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Navona Records NV5881

LOCK AND KEY opens the door to discover harmonious, melodic chamber works tied together by a shared understanding of the most treasured aspects of humanity. Through diverse experiences and impressionism, each composer highlights that which makes us human but is all too easy to hide away. Navona presents these works together as a reminder that inspiration can be found through appreciating the beauty of nature, the thrill of a first kiss, lighthearted fun on a night out, or simply by being alive.

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Navona Records NV5882

Latest Navona release from acclaimed Spanish composer Osias Wilenski. The centerpiece of the album, La Leyenda del Kakuy, is Wilenski’s telling of the Argentine legend of the Kakuy, a classic story of the dichotomy between the worker and the idler, and the consequences each must face. La Leyenda del Kakuy is performed by Philadelphia’s Tapestry East ensemble led by conductor Ovidiu Marinescu. Also featured are four instrumental works, highlighting his penchant for composing expressive, neo-romantic pieces for solo instruments.

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Navona Records NV5883

Collection of modern string quartets that meld the old with the new, combining traditional forms with contemporary influences to present expressive, emotional works that both make and break the mold. QUADRANTS features the contemporary works of Marie Incontrera, Michael Cunningham, Alan Beeler, Ulf Grahn, and Virgil Thomson performed by the Boston String Quartet, the New England String Quartet, the Moravian Philharmonic Chamber Players, and the Boston Composers String Quartet.

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Rachel Lee Guthrie
Ravello Records RR7853

Through keen observations of nature, imaginative nocturnal scenes, and apt studies in form, Rachel Lee Guthrie crafts a series of works for solo piano in romantic and baroque styles, letting her impressionistic influences shine through with meditative beauty. On EXPLORING THE HEART, a collection of 10 of Guthrie’s works for solo piano, her qualities as a composer shine and receive ample support from pianists Karolina Rojahn and Dmitry Tavanets.

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Walter Ross
Ravello Records RR7854

Collection of woodwind concerti from American composer Walter Ross. Ross, a lifelong musician and composer, has historically worked most closely with instruments in the woodwind family; the four concerti on this album, all of which feature a woodwind solo, highlight his preference for the family and his keen ability to compose works for oboe, bassoon, and flute.

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