Scott Liebenow // The Daydream

We at PARMA are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Illinois composer and musician Scott Liebenow and family to release their label debut by their band, The Daydream – a music group focused on children’s music.

Scott and Cathy Liebenow have written over 100 songs for various publications and this will be their commercial debut as a band.  The family is active in music education and live performance in the Chicago area.

The Daydream are heavily involved in the recording process for this album and are currently in the middle of a Go Fund Me campaign to assist with studio costs and production costs. Check out this unique project and see a preview of the family in the studio here.

You can see even more videos inside the studio and get sneak peeks into the production process directly on their Go Fund Me page. Be sure to follow the link to learn more about this fun and unique project.

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