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Hello, PARMA family!

My name is Samantha and I am finishing up my first week here at PARMA as the new Marketing Assistant! And what a week it has been.

When I stumbled upon PARMA Recordings, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. A “seacoast recording company looking for a creative marketing assistant.” I thought, hey, that’s me! I mean, I’ve only been singing since I could talk, and performing with choirs, chamber ensembles and good ol’ All State through my middle and high school years, and oh yes, a Cappella groups during my college days. Before you ask, real life a Cappella is exactly like Pitch Perfect. In addition to a musical background, I also had marketing experience throughout my career at UNH. PARMA felt like a perfect match.

I suppose it really was a perfect match because now I am sitting here at my desk, writing my first PARMA blog and telling you how great it is to be here. Not only am I doing work that I enjoy but I also get to do it while working alongside talented musicians, in addition to experiencing incredibly beautiful music that we record and promote everyday. After digging through the catalog pages of our four labels: NavonaRavello, Big Round and of course, the newest label, Ansonica, here are just a few of my favorites so far:

Ravello features more contemporary artists, such as flutist Francesca Arnone and violinist Mikylah McTeer on their album REACT: Music for Flute, Violin and Interactive Computer. I’ll admit, I am a huge Science Fiction fan. Most of the stories I wrote in college were Science Fiction based. As soon as I hit play on this album, I was suddenly walking in a dark tunnel with an alien-like creature lurking around the corner. This whole album had me on edge. The interactive computer intersected with the violin and flute gives an eerie, yet beautiful sound that will keep you on your toes. I definitely recommend this whole album, but my favorite track in particular is Vox Clamantis because of the build-up and movement throughout the piece.

Another great selection is from the Navona album, BLURRED BOUNDARIES by the Apollo Chamber Players. I could listen to this album on repeat for days. I enjoy country and folk sound, so this group resonates with me well. I particularly enjoyed Plantation Melodies because of its pure beauty. It’s strong and emotional, which carries through the strings.

From Navona’s early catalog, I  highly recommend SCULPTING THE AIR, a collection of modern works for wind instruments from composers Samuel Barber, James Alder, Jan Van der Roost, Barry Seroff, Brian Gillett, Juan Sebastian Lach Lau, and Richard Crosby. I want to specifically draw attention to A Forum for Abandoned Euro Leaders by Barry Seroff, which highlights a flute/beat-boxing solo. Beat-boxing with a flute is probably the coolest thing I’ve heard. I wish that instead of my many years of practicing my violin, in addition to singing, that I learned the flute instead, because let’s be honest, beat-boxing with the violin just isn’t as cool.

On an ending note, I am very excited to be apart of the PARMA family. I am already loving it and feeling at home.  Be on the look out! You will have plenty to read from me.

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