Recording Sessions with Composer Paul Osterfield and Kathrine Price Feature Pedroia Quartet

Last week PARMA Recordings had the opportunity to record the music of Paul Osterfield and Katherine Price, which were performed by Pedroia Quartet at Futura Productions.

Both composers worked closely with Grammy Award-winning producer Brad Michel, PARMA Sessions Manager Levi Brown, Pedroia Quartet, and Grammy-nominated and platinum awarded recording engineer John Weston of Futura Productions throughout their sessions to find the best possible outcome of their work. Though the two pieces were quite contradictory in tonality and style, they were also rather complementary to each other. They found commonality through their performers, Pedroia Quartet, whose blend, cohesion and collaboration brought these works to life.

The day started off with Osterfield’s piece “Khasmin”, an intricate work full of dynamic range and meaning behind every note. During the session, Paul recalled how “Khasmin” was the first piece he composed during his doctoral studies and how odd it was to revisit it in such depth 20 years later. This recording marks his 6th project with PARMA.

The second half of the session focused on Prices’ “Hymnody”, a piece exuding moments of heartbreak and sadness. However, a silver lining revealed sweet melodies and featured, as Katherine put it, a very “dolce” resolve at the piece’s end.

Osterfield is a long-time PARMA composer and friend from Nashville, Tennessee, where he teaches composition and theory as Professor of Music at Middle Tennessee State University.

Stay up to date on his future projects on his Facebook artist page.

Haven’t had a chance to listen, yet? Check out “Silver Fantasy”, which was recently featured on TOMORROW’s AIR, a compilation album released on Navona Records.

Composer Katherine Price is a new member of the PARMA family, making this her debut project. She resides in Chicago where she is an active performer as a soprano in the Chicago Chorale, premiering new works as well as more traditional performances. Stay up to date with Price on Facebook.

Take a listen to one of her compositions, “Stardust”

The Boston-based Pedroia Quartet is comprised of star players with diverse backgrounds. Filling that four seats are first violinist Jae Young Cosmos Lee, violinist Rohan Gregory, violist Peter Sulski, and cellist Jacques Lee Wood.

Pedroia Quartet’s most recent work with PARMA, “Quartet No. 4 INTERLACINGS Opus 117 1985” can be heard on AN ARC OF QUARTETS by Michael G. Cunningham.

Excited for the release? We are, too. Stay updated with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out more about the upcoming release, and of course, much, much more!

By Danielle Lewis, A&R Assistant 

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