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We’re getting ready to kick-off the second half of the year with new music featuring debut artists like Véronique Mathieu; fan-favorites like Piffaro; as well as experimental music, re-releases and more. Help create buzz by following our promotion on our Facebook event: Ready for New Music in July?

NV6105 - Argot - Front Cover.jpg

ARGOT  | Véronique Mathieu

Véronique Mathieu’s ARGOT is a spectacular demonstration of her abilities as a violinist with a unique array of violin-centric works strengths of twentieth-century modernist composers.


NV6106 - Back Before Bach - Front Cover.jpg

BACK BEFORE BACH  |  Piffaro, The Renaissance Band

The Philadelphia-based ‘Renaissance band’ Piffaro presents an exceptional compendium of sixteenth and early seventeenth century German and Franco-Flemish music.



THE SEA KNOWS  |  Michael Kurek

Composer Michael Kurek presents a charming collection of works that are a tonal idiom reminiscent of the great melodist of the early 20th century.


NV6112 - Ascend - Front Cover

ASCEND  |  Society of Composers, Inc. 

The latest collection of works by Society of Composers, Inc., is an enthralling showcase of leading composers and performers from around the world.



WOEFULLY ARRAYED  |  Jonathan Little

Sacred and secular choral works by composer Jonathan Little showcasing intricate “polychoral” techniques such as multi-part, multi-divisi, solo, echo and spatial effects.


RR7969 - Sufficient Trouble - Front Cover.jpg


Composer and performer Brian Belet offers a selection of computer music composed over the last twenty years, featuring acoustic instruments and responsive electronic materials.


RR7970 - Turning To The Center - Front Cover.jpg

TURNING TO THE CENTER  |  Phillip Schroeder

A subdued, atmospheric tour de force of songs written primarily for an ensemble of baritone voice, clarinet, and keyboards that feature texts by Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, and Rumi.

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