Rain Worthington’s Contribution to Alzheimer’s Awareness

June marks Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, allowing PARMA Recordings to bring attention to a disease that has had a deep personal and creative effect on composer, Rain Worthington.

Worthington recently released her full length solo debut album DREAM VAPORS on Navona Records. Through the record, Worthington is able to not only share her music but also give back to the Alzheimer’s community, by donating all proceeds from the sale of the album to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

The fund whose mission it is “to fund research with the highest probability of preventing, slowing, or reversing Alzheimer’s Disease,” is an extension of the public charity, Alzheimer’s Disease Research Foundation.

Worthington’s experiences with Alzheimer’s have greatly shaped her perspectives on life and directly influenced her music. Worthington witnessed her grandmother suffer from Alzheimer’s until her passing, and now Worthington’s connection with this illness continues as she watches her mother’s similar decline with Vascular Dementia disease.

Through this journey Worthington has noted that she has become “acutely aware of the tenuousness of ‘reality’ and how fragile the fine lines are drawn between real, imagined, or dreamed perceptions” and this understanding is present theme throughout her album, DREAM VAPORS.


When describing the concepts of emotional realities and sur-reality and their connection to impressionistic emotional logic, Worthington believes them to be the most lasting and significant impression in one’s life. Tracing a Dream was the first of her orchestral works that was written in response to these themes and she feels it was a significant step in the stylistic direction of her orchestra. She then went on to compose works like Of Time Remembered, Reversing Mirrors in the Quiet, and Fast Through the Dark Winds.

Worthington hopes “that music which plays to a deep, non-simplistic, emotional response will have the capacity to engage the listener in compassion, understanding and acceptance.” Those exact themes can be related back to the way we can think about Alzheimer’s patients and the struggle they endure every day.

Worthington and PARMA Recordings encourages you to enjoy her Navona release DREAM VAPORS while also donating to this amazing cause. The album can be purchased here on Amazon and can be played through the Spotify playlist below. In honor Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month!

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