Quinn Dizon Recording Session

Last week, the 2012 PARMA Student Composer Competition Grand Prize winner Quinn Dizon travelled to New England to attend the recording session for his piece Awakenings at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport MA, and visited the PARMA offices to meet the team. Click “Read more” below to read Quinn’s account of his trip and view photos and video from the session.

PARMA CEO Bob Lord and Quinn Dizon

“We are very proud to present Quinn Dizon as our inaugural Student Composer Competition winner.  We feel that he and his music holds great potential, and hope that we can help bring this very talented composer to new listeners everywhere.”

– PARMA Recordings CEO Bob Lord

Quinn Dizon

Sometime in February of 2012, I submitted a short composition for piano quartet to the PARMA Student Composer Competition. The application was free, and took less than five minutes to fill out. My initial thought was that I had nothing to lose, and that months later I would likely receive an email listing a group of winners of whom I had never heard.

“In August, I traveled to Rockport MA to record my piece in the Shalin Liu Performance Center. When I first met and heard the musicians of the quartet assigned to record my piece, I could tell that the people at PARMA had continued their goal to provide me with a consistently high level of professionalism. If ever I had a comment or revision about the performance, the players were always happy to try new ways of approaching the music, and would often provide comments of their own to aid in the overall performance. My producer, Andy Happel, would also frequently weigh in on everything from musical considerations, to how some issues could be resolved in post-production. In total, the team which PARMA provided was comprised of some of the finest performers and musicians I have had the pleasure to work with.

“The day following my recording session, I had the opportunity to visit the PARMA offices and meet all the members of the team there. This turned out to be just as much of a highlight of my trip as the recording session had been. Throughout the day, I met with the heads of various divisions to discuss the next steps in post-production. Through meeting with all the amazing people at PARMA, and even though my time with them was brief, I came away feeling somehow reassured of the state of contemporary classical music in America and abroad.

“While I’m sure the recording I will get from this competition will be remarkable in quality, far more meaningful to me is that PARMA showed me that there are amazingly talented people working incredibly hard to bring the music of our generation to life. Having mostly experienced contemporary classical music in a scholarly setting, I had forgotten that these companies and people existed outside of academia. For bringing me to this realization, I am truly grateful for all the people at PARMA and the vital service they provide.”

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