Press for the PARMA Music Festival

Today marks the official start of the PARMA Music Festival ( and we’ve been lucky enough to receive some nice coverage and support by the regional press.  Here is a sampling of some recent articles and interviews:

PARMA has also had some nice coverage about our releases, composers, and companies over the summer.  Here are a few of them:

Off to the Festival in a few minutes, and for all those folks who are talking about the death of classical music, all those commentators fussing over the decline of the music industry, all those critics who spend their ink and fingers kvetching over orchestra closures and strikes while brilliant, beautiful, challenging music is being made in their midst… hope to see you there.

Bob Lord
CEO, PARMA Recordings

2 thoughts on “Press for the PARMA Music Festival

  1. Great interviews! Looking forward to attending the events and especially the Saturday night concert at the Portsmouth Music Hall.

  2. I enjoyed reading the articles and listening to the interviews. Planning to attend a few of the events, but definitely will be at the Saturday night performance at the Music Hall. Great job, PARMA.

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