New on Navona Records next month, POLARITIES expresses the emotions and feelings associated with opposites. Captured at three different locations around the world, this robust compilation features modern works by PARMA composers Matthew Fuerst, Katherine Saxon, Chi-Hin Leung, and Alex Freeman.

With another awe-inspiring recording from Petr Vronský and The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Matthew Fuerst’s “Symphony” is full of dynamic intricacies. Presented in three contrasting movements, “Symphony” is destined to keep listeners on the edge of their seats throughout its 19 minute duration.
“East of the Sun/West of the Moon” is rich in character and sophistication. The chamber music of Katherine Saxon paints a picture of arid deserts, birds in conversation, and a voyage into the unknown. Using text from The Song of Solomon, “Vox Dilecti Mei” is a melting pot of emotions.
Based on a Chinese tragic love story, “Aftermage: The Dreamy Butterfly” is a striking combination of eastern and western textures composed by Chi-Hin Leung. This experimental work was recorded by the Hong Kong Cantabile Winds in Tsuen Wan.
Alex Freeman’s “Blueshift” rounds out the compilation in a progressive and captivating way. Freeman’s introspective musical language will leave you feeling eager and more than willing to give the album another spin.
This highly-anticipated 2014 PARMA release features brilliantly captured recordings and a thought-provoking design. With tracks recorded in the United States, Czech Republic, and Hong Kong, POLARITIES portrays a wide range of musical colors and patterns.
Enjoy listening to the vibrant and wondrous POLARITIES this spring along with our diverse collection of March 2014 releases.
Also, be sure to check out the POLARITIES page on the Navona Records website for a description and sample clips from the album:
Release date: March 25th, 2014

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