Patrick’s Picks Vol. 2

With the summer winding down I realized that the last time I checked in via blog was just a week or two into my internship at PARMA. Since that time, I’ve become more familiar with our music catalog and it seemed like a good idea to update my initial “Patrick’s Picks” playlist.

I’ve included the choice cut, “Marika Groove”. This song is a composition by New England born jazz wizard Chick Corea. While he is most famous for playing keys with Miles Davis during his early electric period he shows his prowess as a composer in this track featuring marimba player Mika Yoshida.

Another track included on this list is a very creative cover by pianist Joel Goodfellow and percussionist Joe Porter. Their cover of the jazz classic ‘Take Five’, originally composed by Dave Brubeck is well worth a listen. ‘Take Five’ is probably most famous for its melody as well as the smooth saxophone style of Paul Desmond. But this track is a lesson in dynamics and showcases great interplay between percussion and piano.

I also included another song from that album because it’s so good. ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’, much like ‘Take Five’ is an instantly recognizable instrumental track. Coming from the iconic Sergio Leone film ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’, the song captures the sprawling desert and gritty characters the movie focuses on. The movie might be more known for Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack work at this point in time, but the collaboration between Morricone and Leone is certainly a memorable one. Due to instrumentation and the jazz approach taken for the song, new life is brought to this classic composition. I would highly recommend checking out the rest of this album, “Detours” for another Ennio Morricone reworking and a few other surprise tracks.

Moving away from the jazz picks in this list you’ll find Masatora Goya’s moving song ‘Sound of Life: IV. Acalanto’. The album it appears on, “Dream of Sailing” is inspired by the life and passing of Goya’s father, Masahiro. His father was a marine engineer and spent extended periods of time at sea away from his family. Goya pays tribute to him on this record and reflects on his own life as well. The album is beautiful and uplifting, this track captures the sound of this powerful album perfectly.

I had a great summer working as an A&R intern at PARMA. With the internship coming to a close I will be riding off into the sunset listening to the likes of the great Ennio Morricone covers found on “Detours”. However, as I transition into the fall semester I will be changing roles and working with the Marketing Department, so a part three to these playlists might pop up in the future.

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