PARMAween Take Two!

Happy Halloween! Are you looking for something a little different to play for all the trick-or-treaters tonight? Something that’s eerie and beautiful and is not frightening chainsaws and dentist drills?

In order to keep with the Halloween theme, we’ve selected a few pieces from our roster that intentionally push the boundaries of spooky, hair-raising, and are not quite something you’d listen to while trying to fall asleep…

The artists and albums include TURBULENT SKY and MEMENTOS, featuring Stephen Yip; ZEICHEN by Gerhard Stäbler; THE DEVIL’S TALEJames M. Stephenson; WIND DEVIL & CO, Sergio Cervetti, STARS & DISTANCES, by Frederick Kaufman, and SOUND AND FURY, by Paul Osterfield. 

These selected works interpret dark paintings, draw inspiration from mysteries, the beyond and natural order, and challenge the traditional sounds of an instrument. 

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