PARMA’s First Annual Gingerbread House Competition!

Do you remember PARMA’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest? Fun, right? Well, we wanted to step up our decorating game for the holiday season. This time with gingerbread houses.

For the first time in PARMA history, we split off by department to work together on building the best collaborative gingerbread house. And what better day to present the houses than Gingerbread House Day, December 12th?

Well, unfortunately, good ol’ New Hampshire got hit with another winter storm, and we got stuck at home shoveling our cars out of 6+ inches in some places. So, we had to postpone to a day later. No matter! We are making our own Gingerbread House Day.

Last Friday the PARMA departments, Design, Audio, A&R, and Marketing (Finance/HR split off into Audio and Marketing), hid away in corners for an hour at the end of the day, jamming to the PARMA Jingle Jams playlist, to collaborate on ideas. There were a few hairy moments when department heads tried to sneak a peek on other houses, but they were set straight and blocked from any house visual at the first sign on sneakiness.

Four teams. Four gingerbread houses. Which one defeated all? Take a look…


Order from left to right: A&R, Marketing, Audio, Design


3rd Place Runner Up: Marketing Team

2nd Place Runner Up: Audio Team

1st Runner Up: A&R Team

Grand Prize: Design Team

That’s right, it lights up…


Happy Gingerbread House Day, from PARMA!


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