PARMA Student Composer Competition: Judges Meet, Review Scores

PARMA judge Alan Beeler, A&R Director Sam Renshaw, judges Tim Davis, and Sergio Cervetti (from left to right)

This past weekend, judges Alan Beeler, Tim Davis and Sergio Cervetti convened at the PARMA office to select finalists for the 2013 PARMA Student Composer Competition. Ten winners were chosen from hundreds of entrants and will have their work featured in this year’s PARMA Anthology of Music. One grand prize winner will have their work programmed on the PARMA Music Festival, later this august. Winners will be announced June 28th so be sure to check back. 

Click “read more” for more photos of the judges and information on the 2012 winners.

Sam Renshaw, Alan Beeler, Sergio Cervetti and Tim Davis (from left to right)
Sam Renshaw, Tim Davis, Sergio Cervetti, and Alan Beeler (from left to right)

Past Winner (2012 PARMA Student Composer Competition):

2012 PARMA Anthology of Music

2012 Grand Prize Winner Quin Dizon’s “Awakening” recorded by PARMA, released on Navona Records: 

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