PARMA Returns to Havana

Photo Credit: Daniel Shiplacoff

PARMA is pleased to announce our next venture to Havana, Cuba, where we’ll be producing a week of recording sessions and cultural activities.

This will be our third series of sessions in Havana, following visits in November 2015 and April 2016.

The double-album produced during our initial trip, ABRAZO: THE HAVANA SESSIONS, has received international fanfare, including a feature in this month’s edition of Gramophone Magazine that called it “intoxicating,” “delicious,” and “exhilarating.”

Recording Tim Miller’s “Hot Miami Nights” – November 2015

The music from our second trip this past April will be featured on the upcoming INTERSECTIONS: CROSS-CULTURAL COLLABORATIONS IN SOUND, which will be out in October 2016.

We’re excited to be continuing to collaborate with our artists to bring a unique sense of authentic Cuban culture to their work. Here are the composers and performers who will be coming with us to Havana in January.

Jay Kawarsky


Composer Jay Kawarsky will be recording a piece for oboe and string quartet entitled “Grace Dances.”

To hear some of Jay’s work in the meantime, check out this performance by the USC Concert Choir of his piece “Al Hanissim”:

Meria Warshauer


Composer Meira Warshauer is bringing two of her works for a capella mixed choir, “Akhat Sha’alti” and “Oseh Shalom,” to record in January.Meira’s last project with PARMA, 2011’s LIVING BREATHING EARTH, can be heard here:

Apollo Chamber Players


The Apollo Chamber Players will be recording a piece called “Imágenes de Cuba” by PARMA composer Art Gottschalk, for string quartet and percussion.



In the meantime, here’s “Sorrow Song & Jubilee” by PARMA composer Libby Larsen from their latest album, BLURRED BOUNDARIES:

John A. Carollo


John Carollo will be recording a new arrangement of his piece “In Your Hour of Need,” which will be set in an afro-Cuban style for jazz combo.

This is John’s second project in Havana with PARMA, following his piece “Burlesque” for trumpet and guitar, which can be heard here:

There will be more updates as we approach the trip in January, so stay tuned. Until then, we’re looking forward to another great trip — welcome aboard!

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