PARMA Recordings Returns to Havana

Back to Havana, we go! PARMA is excited to be returning to Cuba next month to produce another week of recording sessions, this time centering around a set of choral works.

As with previous ventures, this trip will center around the production of an album of new recordings that highlight an infusion of cross-cultural styles and fresh musical perspectives on contemporary classical composition.

This will be our fourth trip to Cuba, and we’ll be returning with a blend of newcomers and familiar faces.

Get to know the composers on this trip:

L Peter Deutch
L Peter Deutsch

Composer L Peter Deutsch is making his way to Cuba with PARMA to record “Dance to the Revolution” and “Where Everything Is Music.”

You can hear more of his music on “A Winter’s Rime” below from his previous PARMA project, DASHING: SOUNDS OF THE SEASON.

Cynthia Folio, PARMA Recordings
Cynthia Folio

New PARMA artist Cynthia Folio will be recording her choral work “At The Edge of Great Quiet” with the PARMA team in Havana.

To listen to some of Cynthia’s music in the meantime, check out this video below of “Fiddle Fest” for Scottish fiddle and string quartet.

Michael F. Murray, PARMA Recordings
Michael F. Murray

Composer Michael F. Murray is returning to Havana with PARMA to record two new choral works, “El Lunar” and “Caminado.”

Listen to Michael’s “After The Fall” below on our first album we recorded in Cuba, ABRAZO: THE HAVANA SESSIONS.

J.A. Kawarsky, PARMA Recordings
J.A. Kawarsky

Composer J.A. Kawarsky is bringing his work “Sacred Rights” to the studio.

Take a listen to Jay’s previous project with PARMA released this year, “Grace Dances” from CHÉVERE.

Meira Warshauer, PARMA Recordings
Meira Warshauer

We will also be recording another choral piece by composer Meira Warshauer, entitled “We Are Dreamers.”

Meira’s music is also featured on CHÉVERE, which you can hear below.

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By Danielle Lewis, A&R Assistant 

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