PARMA Plays Powerful Women

Some people may argue that men dominate music, but PARMA is taking a moment to shine light on the many female composers that are changing the world everyday.
Over the years, the PARMA community of artists has grown into a widespread variety of music styles and personalities. We are glad to be welcoming more women composers into our family everyday, that are all beautiful song writers and musicians.
PARMA proudly represents around 50 strong female composers, that come from a variety of musically diverse backgrounds.
Margaret Brandman 

Brandman presents her debut Navona release SENSATIONS, featuring several of her celebrated compositions. Brandman is featured on the upcoming Ansonica Records debut release ABRAZO. Listen to SENSATIONS on the below playlist. 

Rain Worthington

Worthington is a New York based composer who writes music to captivate the listener, creating textural and lyrical worlds that are inhabited by various colors and tones on DREAM VAPORS, her full-length solo debut on Navona Records. Listen to DREAM VAPORS on the below playlist. 

Betty R. Wishart

Wishart released her debut album on Ravello Records, PIANO SONORITIES. Wishart presents a collection of her solo piano works, performed by award-winning pianist Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi. Listen to PIANO SONORITIES on the below playlist. 

Libby Larsen

Larson is a Grammy Award-winner composer who recently released an album on Navona Records, CIRCLE OF FRIENDS and also was featured on BLURRED BOUNDARIES by Apollo Chamber Players. Listen to CIRCLE OF FRIENDS AND BLURRED BOUNDARIES on the below playlist.

Paula Diehl

Navona Records presents FIGMENTS, a compilation of eclectic contemporary works. Stay posted for her new release rebut SEPERATION on Navona Records. Listen to FIGMENTS on the below playlist. 

“This playlist only features a few of PARMA’s noteworthy women composers, please check out our entire catalog of releases for more great albums featuring women composers.”
1) “Spirit Visions”
Additional performers: Marcello Maio (piano)
From SENSATIONS (Navona Records, 2016)

2) “Autumn Rhapsody”
Additional performers: Luckie Kaucka (piano)
From SENSATIONS (Navona Records, 2016)

3) “Yet Still Night”
Additional performers: Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
From DREAM VAPORS (Navona Records, 2016)

4) “Tracing A Dream”
Additional performers: Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
From DREAM VAPORS (Navona Records, 2016)
5) “Night Visions Suite: I”
Additional performers: Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi
From PIANO SONORITIES (Ravello Records, 2016)

6) “Piano Sonata NO. 2: 1 Prelude”
Additional performers: Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi
From PIANO SONORITIES (Ravello Records, 2016)

7) “Trio for Violin, Cello & Piano: II. Still”
Composer: Libby Larson
Additional performers: Deborah Dunham (bass), James Durham (bass), Jeanne Kierman (piano), Norman Fischer (cello), Curtis Macomber (violin), Susanne Mentzer (mezzo-soprano), Craig Rutenberg (piano) 
From CIRCLE OF FRIENDS (Navona Records, 2015)
8) “Sorrow Song & Jubilee”
Composer: Libby Larson
Additional performers: Apollo Chamber Players
From BLURRED BOUNDARIES (Apollo Chamber Players, 2016)
9) “Gusts”
Composer: Paula Diehl
Additional performers: Chiharu Naruse (piano)
From FIGMENTS (Navona Records, 2016)

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