Since the beginning, PARMA has worked to weave together a tightly-knit family of artists and composers. When an artist decides to work with PARMA, they’re welcomed into that family. 

Over the years, the PARMA community of artists has grown into a vast network of incredibly talented performers and composers. 
The results are endless possibilities for sweet, sweet collaboration. 

This is evident throughout the catalog of albums we have released since 2008. We continue to see more and more collaborations throughout all of our releases. There are many instances of such collaboration on some of our newest releases!

BLURRED BOUNDARIES by the Apollo Chamber Players features works by PARMA composers Libby Larsen and Marty Regan; IN TIMES OF TORMENT by Yves Ramette features PARMA cellist Carmine Miranda; and REACT by Francesca Arnone & Mikylah McTeer features works by PARMA composer Russell Pinkston.

There are too many instances of PARMA performers playing PARMA composers to list, so without further ado, please enjoy this curated playlist of pure PARMA collaboration!

1) “Cello Sonata II. Moderato – Tres calme”
Composer: Yves Ramette
Performers: Carmine Miranda (cello) and Karolina Rojahn (piano)
From IN TIMES OF TORMENT (Navona Records, 2016)

2) “Sorrow Song and Jubilee”
Composer: Libby Larsen
From BLURRED BOUNDARIES (Navona Records, 2016)

3) “Splash of Indigo”
Composer: Marty Regan
From BLURRED BOUNDARIES (Navona Records, 2016)

4) “Still Angry”
Composer: Andrew May
Performers: Elizabeth McNutt (flute) and Esther Lamneck (clarinet)
From TORNADO PROJECT (Ravello Records, 2015)

5) “e++”
Performers: Elizabeth McNutt (flute) and Esther Lamneck (clarinet)
From TORNADO PROJECT (Ravello Records, 2015)

6) “Vox Clamantis”
Performers: Francesca Arnone (flute) and Mikylah McTeer (violin)
From REACT (Ravello Records, 2016)

7) “Tocatta II”
From PIANO SONORITIES (Ravello Records, 2016)

8) “Vidi aquam: To Stir Up Our Wits”
Performers: The Crossing (Donald Nally, Conductor)
From MOONSTRUNG AIR (Navona Records, 2015)

9) “The Skin of Night”
Performers: Allen Harrington (saxophone) and Laura Loewen (piano)
From METROPOLIS (Ravello Records, 2014)

10) “Variations for Piano Trio: II. Rhythmic”
Composer: Osias Wilenski
Performers: Trio Casals
From MOTO CONTINUO (Navona Records, 2015)

11) “Adirondack Tableau: II. Marion River”
Performers: Trio Casals
From MOTO CONTINUO (Navona Records, 2015)

12) “3 Songs: III. Sky Song”
Composer: Diane Jones
Performers: Trio Casals
From MOTO CONTINUO (Navona Records, 2015)

13) “Piano Trio No. 1: IV. -“
Composer: John A. Carollo
Performers: Trio Casals
From MOTO CONTINUO (Navona Records, 2015)

14) “Ma mère (After C. Debussy)”
Composer: Robert Fleisher
Performer: Ovidiu Marinescu (cello)
From MOTO CONTINUO (Navona Records, 2015)

15) “Piano Trio, Op. 38 “In the Spirit of Ave Maris Stella”
Composer: Brian Noyes
Performers: Trio Casals
From MOTO CONTINUO (Navona Records, 2015)

16) “Oh, More Or Less”
Performers: Sauro Berti (bass clarinet) and Mario Ciaccio (tenor saxophone)
From SOLO NON SOLO (Ravello Records, 2014)

17) “[Pleez], (Plez), /Pliz/”

Composer: Mel Mobley
Performers: McCormick Percussion Group and Ji Hyun Kim (piano)

18) “Chamber Symphony No. 3: I. Introduction – Flute Cadenza”
Composer: Douglas Anderson
From CHAMBER SYMPHONIES 2, 3 & 4 (Ravello Records, 2016)

19) “Streets & Bridges: II. Lafayette Place”
Composer: Joseph Koykkar
Performer: Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi
From DOUBLE TAKES AND TRIPLE PLAYS (Ravello Records, 2016)

20) “Spirits of the Dead: No. 4. Now are thoughts …”

Composer: Phillip Schroeder
Performers: Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi (piano) and Robert Best (vocals)
From SONGS OF MY AFFINITIES (Ravello Records, 2012)

21) “Robert McCloskey, The Life for Me, Suite No. 1: I. The Simple Life, in Hamilton”

Composer: Paul John Stanbery
Performers: Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony Orchestra
From FRESH DIMENSIONS (Navona Records, 2016)

22) “She Lost Her Voice That’s How We Knew: I. -“
Composer: Frances White
Performer: Kristin Norderval (soprano)
From SHE LOST HER VOICE, THAT’S HOW WE KNEW (Ravello Records, 2015)

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