PARMA Music Festival Event Spotlight: PENDULUM

Today’s spotlight falls on the PENDULUM Album Release Concert. This is the 28th edition of the Society of Composers, Inc. release series and the 4th on Navona Records, showcasing works from some of today’s active composers by way of soprano and violin, solo piano, and chamber works as performed by Festival favorites Matthias Müller, Ovidiu Marinescu, and more. 

The music extrapolates and elaborates on several themes relating to variation, transformation, and repetition, featuring the works of Doron Kima, Clifton Callender, Jorge Variego, Alex Freeman, Eric Nathan, Chris Arrell, and Philip Carlsen. At this concert, there will also be performances of works by PARMA Artists Rain Worthington, Greg Hutter, Mei-Fang Lin, and Jim Rhinehart. This collection of music reflects the diversity and originality of techniques coming from some of today’s most talented composers; check out the sampler below for a sneak peek at what you can expect to hear:

This concert is free, open to the public, and will take place on Friday, August 15th from 10:00 to 11:30 AM at St. John’s Episcopal Church / 101 Chapel St / Portsmouth, NH 03801. See the links below for more information about each of the composers:

– Philip Carlsen:
– Chris Arrell:
– Eric Nathan:
– Alex Freeman:
– Jorge Variego:
– Clifton Callender:
– Doron Kima:
– Jim Rhinehart:
– Mei-Fang Lin:
– Greg Hutter:
– Rain Worthington:

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