PARMA Licensing and Mason Daring Join Forces to Produce Score for Media

New England-based audio production company PARMA Licensing has teamed up with renowned film composer, producer, and musician Mason Daring to create and produce music for media projects.
Daring, the longtime composer for John Sayles, has worked on such acclaimed titles as Lone StarThe Opposite Of Sex, and Eight Men Out, and he will serve as an Executive Producer for film, television, advertising, and video game projects which are contracted and managed by PARMA. 
“We strongly believe that live ensemble scoring is on the upswing,” says PARMA Licensing’s Managing Director Jake Weinreb. “Despite the fact that many productions have migrated to the East Coast to shoot, very few have capitalized on the top-notch post-production resources in the area. Mason has composed and produced some of the most effective scores of our time, and we believe that his skills, in conjunction with PARMA’s expertise and infrastructure, will prove to be a unique and valuable market resource.”
Mason Daring comments on this collaboration, “I’ve always gravitated towards using local musicians to record my scores; there’s a large, under-exposed pool of talent here. My goal with PARMA is to keep locally shot productions in-state for post, and to hang up a shingle that will bring more scores to our doorstep.”
PARMA and Daring are currently booking sessions into 2014, which they will produce with both regional and foreign musicians and facilities.
Mason Daring is an American musician and composer of scores for film and television. He has worked on nearly all the films directed by John Sayles, adapting his style to fit whatever period in which the project is set. He has done full-out traditional orchestral scores (Music Of The HeartThe Old Curiosity Shop,The Great War), blended orchestra with guitars (Prefontaine), piano (Where The Heart Is), or swing and jazz (The Opposite Of SexEight Men Out). He is equally adept producing a tender, piano based score (Tru Confessions) as basing entire films around small group rock/pop instrumentation (Say It Isn’t SoCold HeartWallace: Settin’ The Woods On Fire). However, he might be best known for having honed the ability to place a film in a particular time and place by putting together small ensembles of talented musicians. Such settings include the Irish coast (Secret Of Roan Inish); Central America (Men With Guns); the Louisiana bayou (Passion Fish); the Tex-Mex border (Lone Star); and early rural Americana (Matewan). 
PARMA Licensing, LLC is a New England based music house, offering deep experience and expertise in strategic musical branding and placement. PARMA specializes in the creation and production of live orchestral, chamber, choral, and world music for media, utilizing their global network of top-tier ensembles and musicians. The company’s production credits include work for such entities as 20th Century Fox, Universal, Showtime, HBO, CBS Sports, Hearst Corporation, and more. 

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