PARMA in Havana, Cuba

The PARMA team is pleased to announce our return to Havana, Cuba this weekend from November 7 to November 15, 2015 for a week of musical and cultural exchange activities under the United States “people-to-people” program and OFAC general license authorizations.

We will collaborate closely with the great musicians of Havana, engage in performance workshops, tour some of the many historic musical and cultural institutions of the city, and hit the studio with ensembles ranging from women’s choir to big band.

PARMA’s staff worked with our Cuban music team to carefully handpick each score, composer, musician, and venue for the trip.  Joining us on this special trip will be PARMA composers Roger Bourland, Michael F. Murray, Timothy Lee Miller, John A. Carollo, Bunny Beck, Donald Bowyer, Margaret Brandman, and Mel Mobley.  Please check our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates from the trip.

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