PARMA Got A Facelift!


If you’re an avid PARMA visitor, you may have noticed a few changes to our website. Okay, maybe more than a few changes. For one, as soon as you press ‘enter’ for “” in your search bar, you’re welcomed with the warmth of a new color pallette.

We stepped away from the basic black and grays because we’re not a “bland” company. We are a multi-faceted business and our primary goal for the new site was to make a platform that more clearly communicated what we do and offer, including our experience.

We are creative, engaging, and colorful. We wanted our website to represent us fully.

Our amazing design team here at PARMA; Brett Picknell, our Art Director, and Graphic Designers, Emily Roulo, and Ryan Harrison, developed the new website this year, in addition to their daily tasks. This is no easy feat, mind you. Design touches everything here at PARMA. I’m sure you can only imagine how their plate looks.

Another big change to our website is the addition of our Session Calendar. Now you can see what we are doing, where we are, and who the talented musicians, conductors, and composers that we’re working with are. We are constantly sharing our session stories and progress but this new feature allows you to always know what’s happening.

You will also see that the many departments of PARMA have their own icon…

what-we-doBy adding a clickable icon for each department, you are lead to see what each department does, including their individual successes.

For example, in RECORDING SERVICES, you will see that we have produced over 500 commercial releases from all over the world. You’ll also have access to the step-by-step PROJECT PLANNING guide.

Another great example is in PR & MARKETING, you will have access of some of the best reviews we’ve received from big name outlets such as Gramophone, The Whole Note, and The Strad. If you’re an artist looking to get your music produced, you will also see the breakdown of our services and how we work to help you realize your dream.

That’s not all, though…

While we were updating our website, we also decided to update our blog site from Blogger to WordPress. Instead of a “BLOG” tab on the website, you will see a “NEWS” tab. Go ahead, click on it!


Now, here’s the big change. Take a look…


Fancy, right? If you have a WordPress, which over 75 million people do, you can ‘like’ and ‘reblog’ our blogs, in addition to sharing the blog links directly to your social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +!


So feel free to click around on our website, see what we are up to and how our team works to help you. Read our blog, subscribe and share the PARMA love.

We’re happy with you new look. What do you think?




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