PARMA Design Department Collaborates with Local Fine Artist

The PARMA Design Department celebrates the natural pairing of art and music when developing our unique album designs. PARMA is constantly cultivating new relationships with talented fine artists with the hope of collaborating on creative and fresh new album covers. These projects help to create original album schemes for PARMA’s musical artists while also providing an expanded audience for the fine artists’ work.
PARMA is proud to reveal the outcome of one such partnership, presenting Maine-based composer Gay Pearson’s upcoming Big Round Records album, A SINISTER ENDEAVOR, drafted with the help of local New Hampshire-based illustrator Sam Paolini. Paolini and the PARMA design team created this fun illustration of a skeleton quintet, after gaining inspiration from the skeleton featured on the program cover of the concert from which the album was recorded. The live performances on the album capture the technical and passionate presence of Pearson and her quintet, showing their abilities in settings of improvisation, classical structures, and jazz gestures. 
Paolini’s work is diverse. She is a visual artist, clothing designer, community organizer, teacher, and publisher. The Sound adequately describes her as “a force putting eyes on unconventional art.” Paolini is the founder of Wrong Brain, an artist collective based out of seacoast New Hampshire that aims to provide an outlet for the emerging, underground, and unconventional local creatives.
Check out Paolini’s upcoming summer exhibitions at the Northern Sun Music Festival on June 20 in Hinesburg VT and the Seacoast Congress of Sound in Berwick ME on August 22.

A SINISTER ENDEAVOR will be available July 10 on AmazoniTunesSpotify, and other major retailers. For more information on Pearson’s upcoming album click here

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