PARMA Cat Series: We’re Coming Back, Cuba Cats!


Yes, it’s that time again! Welcome to PARMA’s Cat Series blog!

Last month we wrote about the Czech Cat while  A&R Representative Brandon MacNeil was overseas, hanging out with the Moravian Philharmonic and we were loosening belt buckles after eating too much stuffing. This month it only makes sense to say ‘hello’ to our Cuba friends now that we are gearing up to head to Havana for our THIRD recording session for the upcoming album on Ansonica Records.

These furry felines have been hanging around the studio, actually, specifically outside of the kitchen window, for the past two year’s we’ve visited. They certainly know where the goods are at…the music, we’re talking about the music here.

PARMA CEO Bob Lord, along with A&R Representatives Sam Renshaw and Alex Bourne, will be back in Havana starting Monday, January 16th until Friday, January 20th. Stay tuned for photos and session updates in the coming days.




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