PARMA Brings New Classical Music to China


In the digital age, music travels around the world and into ears in mere fractions of seconds, and the evolving globalization of the art and business of music has yielded fresh sounds, novel modes of expression, and cutting-edge experiences for creators and listeners alike.

Since the company’s inception, PARMA Recordings has consistently engaged different cultures and peoples in our music-making endeavors, working in countries such as the Czech Republic, Cuba, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, and Russia.

As a continuation of our nearly decade-long collaboration with international artists and organizations, PARMA is proud to announce a new initiative to expand our work into China.

Over a six-month span beginning in July 2018, PARMA artists from the United States, Canada, and Italy will tour China to perform music from the deep, diverse catalog of Western repertoire and new music known to so many in our country but so relatively few in theirs.

“China is increasingly becoming a primary market for classical music on par with the United States and Europe,” says PARMA Recordings CEO Bob Lord. “With a culture steeped in artistic tradition and a rapidly growing economy, the country presents tremendous opportunities for our artists and – we hope! – to expand the musical perspective of the Chinese people.”

Featured artists on this sequence of tours include Altius Quartet, Axiom Quartet, Harrington/Loewen Duo, Leviathan Trio, and Sauro Berti and Naomi Fujiya.  In addition to standard repertoire, ensembles will perform works by PARMA composers during these concerts.

Full tour schedules will be published in the coming months.  Please visit for more information.

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