PARMA Artist Jonathan Little is Awarded Rudolf Nissim Prize


Long-time PARMA artist Jonathan David Little has received a Special Distinction for his large-scale orchestral showpiece, “Terpsichore”, in the 2017 Rudolf Nissim Prize. The ASCAP Foundation Rudolf Nissim Prize is one of the concert music world’s most prestigious awards.

Little was phoned and personally congratulated on his award directly from New York by Cia Toscanini, Vice President of Concert Music at ASCAP. Nissim Prize awardees are selected by a panel of leading professional concert music conductors, with all musical scores (several hundred of them) being submitted anonymously.

This award honors Dr. Rudolf Nissim – a devoted friend of contemporary composers – who served as Head of ASCAP’s Foreign Department for four decades, and, in fact, established the ASCAP Concert Music Department.

Jonathan David Little

Between 2006 and 2012, Jonathan won seven successive “ASCAP Plus Awards” for Concert Music, and says he feels honored by this latest unexpected award. Receiving Special Distinction in the Nissim Prize is a mark of great esteem not only in America but also in the wider world.

Described by critics as an “incandescent” and “ground-breaking” orchestral “tour de force,” “Terpsichore: ‘The Whirler’ or Muse of Dance,” is one in a series of symphonic portraits of The Nine Muses – and is featured on his most recent album, “POLYHYMNIA,” which was released on Navona Records in 2015.

This is not the first time that POLYHYMNIA has seen great exposure– “Kyrie,” a work off of the album, was selected for the 2015 ENCORE Choral Project to be performed by numerous amateur and professional ensembles in Great Britain during the 2016-2017 season.

Jonathan Little, an Australian composer, studied composition, performance, and musicology with Peter Dennison at the University of Melbourne. Currently, he’s an academic and writer based out to the UK. Little will be recording at Futura Productions this weekend, updates to come, and will be releasing another album on Navona Records later this year.

You can purchase POLYHYMNIA on Amazon and iTunes

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