NUGGETS! The "Where The Hell Is Spring" Edition

May 13, 2014.  North Hampton, New Hampshire.  44 degrees, overcast, windy, bleak.  After two bordering-on-glorious days that seemed to indicate spring’s overdue arrival, here we are again, right back to resorting to gloves on the steering wheel.  I assume it will be temporary, but you never know these days…

Yet for many of us there is no better feeling than hunkering down in the studio on days of delayed warmth, working on music, listening carefully to each note, studying every nuance of sound.  That’s the fun stuff.

While on a break from working in the studio this past weekend I made a checklist of some of my favorite cuts from recent PARMA releases, the ones that made my hair stand on end, compelled me turn up the volume to hear as much as possible, forced me out of my chair to stand at attention.  The jolt you get from a piece of art that speaks to you is hard to put into words, but there’s certainly no mistaking it.

Here’s an hour-long Spotify playlist of the tracks, featuring works by Svjetlana Bukvich, Anne Vanschothorst, Juan Alamo, Sean Chen, Marty Regan, Michael Glenn Williams, Ovidiu Marinescu, Alex Freeman, Matthew Fuerst, F. Gerard Errante, Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble, Alexandra Ottaway, and more.

Fire up the tunes, let the Tauntaun loose, and enjoy.

Bob Lord
CEO, PARMA Recordings

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