NUGGETS! Music from the PARMA Music Festival

This coming week on August 15, 16, and 17 we are pleased to present the very first PARMA Music Festival (  We’ve had an intensely full summer of preparations, and as I sat down to look through the program one final time before it was sent off to the printer I began to think of all the composers on the bill(s) whose work we have featured over the years on our releases – outstanding, inspired, inspiring artists like Martin Schlumpf, Sergio Cervetti, Alan Beeler, Scott Pender, Arthur Gottschalk, Richard Brooks, Greg Hall, Mark Dal Porto, Michael Murray, William Vollinger, Rachel Lee Guthrie, Ron Nagorcka, and many more.

As creators, we all need to keep creating, keep the process going, and also keep finishing, and keep moving on.  But it’s always fun from time to time to look back and appreciate what we’ve done in the past.  As the saying goes, you’ve got to know where you’ve been in order to know where you’re going.

So with that in mind I’d like to highlight a few releases from our back catalog featuring PARMA composers as well as music from our partner the Society of Composers Inc. (SCI), whose Region 1 conference is a part of our Festival. 

Bob Lord

CEO, PARMA Recordings


An eclectic, evocative mix of compositions from members of SCI, one of the pre-eminent composer service organizations in the country and our partner on the inaugural PARMA Music Festival.  SCI’s membership spans a huge gamut of styles, and this is a compelling cross-section of their diversity. This is the organizations 27th release in its series, which also includes the Navona releases MOSAIC and AXIOM. 
(Navona Records, 2013)

Festival Performances:
Thursday 8/15 – SCI Concert 1 at 11 AM, SCI Concert 2 at 2 PM at North Church

Friday 8/15 – SCI Concert 3 at 11 AM, SCI Concert 4 at 2 PM at St. John’s Church
Saturday 8/17 – Paper Sessions at 9 AM at Music Hall Loft
Saturday 8/17 – Main Event at 7 PM at Music Hall Historic Theater


Martin’s first Navona album was SUMMER CIRCLE, and boy it is a doozy.  How do you classify this music?  Impossible.  I suppose if you pulled a “Bill & Ted” and got some critic from 1961 ported into the present, he’d probably call it Third Stream, but does that even make sense?  The music of Schlumpf is something unto itself, totally crazy but completely logical, and I love it.  Martin’s new album STREAMS is out at the end of August.
(Navona Records, 2012)

Festival Performances: 
“Puzzle” – Thursday 8/15 with clarinetist Matthias Müller at North Church, 11 AM
“December Rains” – Friday 8/16 with piano Karolina Rojahn at St. John’s Church, 5 PM
“Streams” – Saturday 8/17 with the PARMA Orchestra at the Music Hall, 7 PM (world premiere)


This release features works by the American Composers Alliance, and includes three composers featured at the Festival: Richard Brooks, Greg Hall, and Lukas Foss, whose “Elegy for Clarinet & Orchestra” (1949) will be premiered by Richard Stoltzman and the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra (John Page, conductor) on Saturday, August 17, 2013, also at The Music Hall.  Superb sound and stellar playing on this album. 
(Ravello Records, 2010)

Festival Performances:
“Sweet Betsy” (Richard Brooks) – Friday August 16 at St. John’s Church, 2 PM
Classical Improvisations for Piano (Gregory Hall) – Friday August 16 at Martingale Wharf, 9 PM
“Elegy for Clarinet & Orchestra” – Saturday August 17 at Music Hall Historic Theater, 7 PM (world premiere) 


DESTINATIONS (Various Artists)

Of all the albums in the catalog of PARMA’s family of labels, this is one in particular which I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved.  An amazing collection of music by Cervetti, Lorenz, Tenreiro, Elizondo, Vazquez, and Piazzolla, DESTINATIONS presents everything from minimalism filtered through a Baroque lens to Mahler-esque tone poems right through prog rock-inspired curtain-closers.  Grab this on iTunes, get in the car, and let it rip.
(Navona Records, 2009)

Festival Performances:
“Wind Devil & Co.” (Sergio Cervetti) – Saturday August 17 at Music Hall Loft, 4 PM


Some other Festival composers’ releases to check out: MOTO PERPETUO (cellist Ovidiu Marinescu in works by Gottschalk, Beeler, and more), RASPBERRY MAN (William Vollinger), LOCK & KEY (featuring Scott Pender and more), and WINTER & CONSTRUCTION (Scott Brickman).

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