November 2017 New Releases on Navona and Ravello Records

It’s time for new music! Are you ready? November new music features a duo from Carmine Miranda and Boris Abramov; a new album from Apollo Chamber Players and albums with works by composers Mara Gibson, Scott Pender, and Christopher Biggs. Learn more and pre-order now.

November new releases out now!

Mozart, Beethoven, Carmine Miranda, Boris Abramov
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MOZART | BEETHOVEN: Violin and Cello Duets

Carmine Miranda, cello

Boris Abramov, violin

Award-winning cellist Carmine Miranda and violinist Boris Abramov’s new Navona release MOZART/BEETHOVEN: VIOLIN AND CELLO DUETS is an intimate gem of delightful chamber music from the Classical Period, which is drawn from various duos by Beethoven and Mozart.

Apollo Chamber Players
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Apollo Chamber Players

Navona Records presents ANCESTRAL VOICES, the Apollo Chamber Players’ next installment in their 20×2020 project, an initiative to commission 20 new folk music-inspired and multicultural works by the end of the decade. This fiery release comprises four 20×2020 works from composers Gilad Cohen, Arthur Gottschalk, Malek Jandali, and Javier Farias.

Album now featured on Spotify’s “Classical New Releases” playlist, which is followed by over 200K listeners! 

Mara Gibson
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Mara Gibson

Influenced by a series of abstract paintings and modernist poetry, this chilling album generates emotion through its balance of solo piano preludes and grandiose orchestral scores.

Scott Pender
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Scott Pender

With his fourth album release on Navona Records, Pender showcases his chamber works for woodwinds from the last thirty years in ensemble combinations both common and unfamiliar.

Christopher Biggs
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Christopher Biggs

On his debut Ravello Records release, composer Christopher Biggs presents an album of works that integrate traditional instruments with live electronic processing and sound files.


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