November 2012 Release Day

We are proud to announce the release of our November 2012 albums on Navona and Ravello! THE LAST MUSICIAN OF UR, CONVERGENCE, GALLERY, DIMENSIONS, CONCERTI FOR PIANO WITH PERCUSSION ORCHESTRA, and CASINO UMBRO are now available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and many others. Click “Read More” for more information on each release.

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Navona Records NV5891

Result of a historical collaboration between composer Michael Mauldin and British harpist Andrew Lowings, who began a project to construct a replica of the Gold Lyre of Ur. Moved by the instrument’s legacy and the narrative possibilities of the project, Mauldin composed The Last Musician of Ur for orchestra and harp, crafting a flowing narrative following the last musician to play the historic instrument as he is torn between inescapable destruction and the hope of timeless, international peace. This EP offers Mauldin’s piece, along with the historical background of the project.

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Navona Records NV5892

Observing the landscape of contemporary classical, one might assume that the art music community has shifted its focus away from the melodic, harmonious, and accessible. CONVERGENCE, an album of works by David Nisbet Stewart and George Gershwin, presents just the opposite: imaginative, expressive works that appeal to performers and audiences alike. Alongside Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, Stewart’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra and Suite for Piano-Brass Quartet prove that contemporary composers can maintain stylistic integrity with a broad appeal.

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Navona Records NV5893

Collection of works by Michael G. Cunningham, containing three of his narrative ballets and The Gastein Masterwork. The ballets–Nyadina, based on a Balanchine film ballet; She, based on the 1887 Haggard novel; and Chrysalis at Mardi Gras, based on the Saint Joseph story resembling Cinderella-contain a narrative, choreographic flow with emotional and fable-like undertones. Cunningham’s knack for narration continues with The Gastein Masterwork, a “prediction” of Schubert’s lost work and Cunningham’s take on what the final version may have been.

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Hutter, Babin, Burns, March, Debussy, Kronfuss, Burwasser
Navona Records NV5895

Throughout time, humankind has sought to provide explanation and justification for the pains, joys, and passions of life. This collection of string orchestra works from composers Gregory Hutter, Louis Babin, Reynard Burns, Andrew March, Claude Debussy, Rudy Kronfuss, and Daniel Burwasser, captures the fluidity of time and emotion, and illustrates the impact of past experiences on the present and future. Influenced by grief, the fate of the innocent, and finding oneself thrown into a perpetual state of change, the subject matter of these pieces proves to be as powerful as the music itself.

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McCormick Percussion Group
Ravello Records RR7862

CONCERTO FOR PIANO WITH PERCUSSION ORCHESTRA is the fifth Ravello release from the acclaimed McCormick Percussion Group. Living up to their reputation as vanguards of percussion repertoire, the Group uses this album to explore the possibilities of collaboration between piano and percussion wherein neither steals the spotlight.  Along with Ji Hyun Kim (“a masterful pianist” – Piano Magazine), the McCormick Percussion Group performs the works of Igor Santos, Mel Mobley, David Gillingham, and David Noon with precision, emotion, and purpose.

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Amos Elkana
Ravello Records RR7863

CASINO UMBRO is the debut Ravello release from Israeli composer Amos Elkana, bringing listeners into a sonic world comprised of thoughtful, expressive, and emotional works for chamber ensemble, voice, and orchestra. Ranging from the dreamy, jazz-like Casino Umbroto the linguistic and tumultuous Arabic Lessonsto the imaginative and fanfaric Tru’a (feat. clarinetist Richard Stoltzman), CASINO UMBRO conveys the essence of humanity and international relations through communicative and sophisticated musical expression.

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