NewMusicBox Review: CASINO UMBRO

Featured on NewMusicBox is a new review by Frank J. Oteri for composer Amos Elkana’s Casino Umbro. The full review can be found here.
Below are few excerpts from the review.
Casino Umbro
The seamless weaving of references from widely divergent chronological eras, rather than being jarring, are somehow comforting—after going through such a multifaceted musical history, we can now reap the sonic benefits of all of it and Elkana does so ecstatically.
Elkana’s wildly virtuosic solo clarinet part, convincingly delivered on the recording by Richard Stoltzman, shouts, sings, and dances, at times calling to mind the freneticism of klezmer and at other times the impassioned squawks of free jazz. 
Arabic Lessons
In confronting the unsettling memories of the past and the lingering quagmires of the present through music that is alternately viscerally off-kilter and ravishingly beautiful, Elkana offers a path to the future that has eluded generations of politicians from all sides. 

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